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Other Financing Solutions

Alternative Financing Strategies for Your Business

If there’s one thing that being a business owner or manager teaches you, it’s to expect the unexpected. That often assumes the form of positive and maybe even explosive growth. Is your business ready to take on these challenges? Overhead Capital provides alternative lending solutions to strategically accomplish your business’s unique working capital needs.

Account Receivables Financing

Treat your unpaid customer invoices like assets. We purchase those invoices from you at a discount, which provides you with cash right away. In turn, we collect payment directly from your customers. There are no loans to pay back, so no debt load or equity impact.

Franchise Financing

Our franchise financing funding can help you get off to the right start by giving you the working capital you need to pay for inventory, marketing and all other associated business costs.

Healthcare Financing

Our financing programs for Healthcare Professional are designed to provide the maximum benefits with minimal qualification requirements. Here are some of the great advantages associated with our healthcare financing.

  • Owning a practice is preferred, but not required
  • Low Rates and Long Terms
  • Available to Most Licensed Medical Professionals
  • No Minimum FICO

Merchant Cash Advance

The funds you receive are taken against your merchant account. This means that a portion of each credit card sale your business makes in the future will go toward repayment of your cash advance.

Purchase Order Financing

We offer purchase order financing for businesses that work with imports, exports, or domestic production, so you can meet customer demands to keep your business moving along towards financial success.

Revolving Line of Credit

Once you have a reliable revenue stream, revolving lines of credit can help you develop a strategic growth plan. Making payments toward the balance allows for future additional funding. Minimum time-in-business is 6 months.

Term Loan

Our Term Loan programs typically run with 1 to 4-yr terms with bi-weekly/monthly payment options.  There are no pre-payment penalties and loans are reported to Business Credit Bureaus. Minimum time-in-business is 2 years.

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