If you are interested in starting a business, a franchise can be a great opportunity. It comes with the independence of owning a business and the support of a large corporation. Despite that, you still need a significant amount of cash to open and run it. Most people do not have that amount of money in the bank waiting for a business and opportunity, so they might have to opt for franchise loans. Here are a few popular options for financing a franchise.

Franchisor Financing

Before you explore other financing options, approach your prospective franchisor first. Most businesses with this kind of business model usually offer financing solutions to their franchisees. If you work with a franchisor that offers a financing program to franchisees, you do not have to explore other funding solutions,

Commercial Bank Loans

Another way of getting franchise loans is through traditional loans. It is the most common go-to solution when people want loans to finance a business. How it works is that a bank gives you a large sum of money upfront, which you repay in installments plus interest over a specific period. The bank has to review your business plan to check its viability and access your personal credit history to determine if you can repay the loan.

SBA Loans

An SBA loan is usually an attractive option for anyone looking to start a business. SBA loans also follow the same model as traditional banks and alternative lenders. You can explore this option and see if you are eligible as it comes with its set of benefits.

Alternative Lenders

Entrepreneurs can also get franchise loans from alternative lenders. They are less strict, and they offer different loan options like equipment financing. However, they can be expensive as they come with a short term for repaying the loan, and the amount offered may be lower.


Another creative way of obtaining funds for your franchise is through crowdfunding. Setting a crowdfunding page allows you to access funds if you find people interested in your business idea and ready to finance it.

Loans From Friends and Family

Another way people can access franchise loans is through friends and family. You can either bring them in as partners or ask them to loan you the cash. Ensure you draw a loan repayment agreement to avoid conflict.

If you feel that being part of a franchise is a great business opportunity, you can explore the above financing options. You can also reach out to Advanced Commercial Capital LLC for the funding assistance you need to get your business running.